Texas Prison Inmate Search

By Texas Magnum

Do you need to find someone in Texas prison? If a family member or loved one has been sent to prison, you might be wondering how to find them. Probably you want to write to them and stay in touch while they do their time.

I used to be able to display a form on this page that let folks search for inmates within TDC but the folks at TDCJ have changed the way things work and I cannot make it work now. I hope to have a solution soon. Meanwhile please continue to send your questions to me and I will keep trying to help y’all. Sorry for the hassle.

You can also check these other pages I have with information about Texas prison, Federal prison, and, soon to come, county jails in Texas.


  1. roger b says:

    How do I find out if someone is “paper” ready to be sent to TDC? A friend of mine was informed this morning that she is “paper ready” which means she can be moved to Prison at any time. How can I find that information (paper ready) out here?

  2. Audra Dunn says:

    I’m considering that Jose Antonio Sanchez Jr. To go to another halfway house for more than 3 months…he’s out here messing up hanging around another felon and his ex-wife is a felon…and he also been communicating by phone talking to me(his ex-wife) he wanted me to go to Abilene…he’s been partying with his home boy roy roman…drinking beer and drugging…he just needs to be off the streets and jail or halfway house…Just Concerning!!

  3. Hama alabadi says:

    I want to hear the voice of dead

  4. Dusty Hanson says:

    Dusty I love you call me

  5. Christina Musslewhite says:

    Hey girl!Chin up!& lets get it started!!
    I’m with you every step of the way I love you mom

  6. John Kross says:

    We are a fraternal order edicated to assisting inmates and their families through the incaceration and parole process… check us out…