Pieces of the puzzle

Posted: 5th November 2010 by Texas Magnum in Growth and Change
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Today is Nov. 1st, the beginning of a new month and one month closer to the end of my sentence. The fact is I don’t wish for the time to race by, not even under these circumstances, because I know that one day I will miss even these times and that each day counts for something. What life is showing me is that I may not like my circumstances at the moment, but at some point in my life I will look back, maybe even with a smile, and understand why God cut my puzzle pieces into these shapes.

What I try to tell myself is that it doesn’t matter how difficult the puzzle is, or how long it takes me to find a spot for every piece until the picture is revealed. Every piece has it’s own place, each groove is made to fit into a notch, and it’s up to me to piece them together in the right way. Some parts will be easy to figure out, and some are going to be more difficult. I might need to work on a few of those corners and tough spots to get it right. But there is a whole picture there, and my puzzle pieces will all fit together if I keep working on it every day.


  1. Kathy says:

    A very interesting analogy. Its obvious you are looking at the big picture a piece at a time. Makes perfect sense. You have a good head on your shoulders and a lot to offer

  2. Niki says:

    Texas Magnum- I have read every one of your blogs so far and look forward to many more. You remind me so much of my own incarcerated son. You’ve definitely got the right idea. Texas isn’t going to do a thing to help you, you’ve got to make your own opportunities. Stay strong and keep writing.

  3. Yezmin says:

    Wow… Thanks Texas Magnum. You have inspired me to live today like it was my last day. I had woken up in a bad mood. But now after reading this I feel appreciative of my life and looking forward to what bot tomorrow and today will bring. You are a true inspiration.