Thank you for reaching out

Posted: 7th November 2010 by Texas Magnum in Growth and Change
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Thank you to everyone who has commented on this blog site. I have received your messages and I want you to know that you all help me more than you can imagine. I have never been complimented on my thoughts so much. I always thought that what I had to say didn’t have any worth, but you all are helping me to believe in myself and my recovery.

To everyone who is struggling with drugs or who knows and loves somebody who is suffering, I want to let you know that even when things seem at their lowest, things can and do get better. I am in jail, headed to prison, some might consider this a low point in my life but my lowest was when I was out on the street using and feeling so much shame. Now I feel I am growing.

If any of you would like to write me a personal letter I would be happy to receive it and read what you have to say and learn what your story is. I truly believe that recovery cannot be done alone so let’s do it together and grow.

My whole life I have always been a giver, sometimes giving the wrong things and in the wrong ways, but I have always wanted to help when I saw someone needed something. Now I know that with a little kindness and an open heart I can help others and help myself too.

Peace, Love and Noodles ~ Magnum


  1. ardi says:


    I’ve never get intrested about jailbirds until I met someone and have just found out that his one of the detainee of huntsville prison. maybe his one of your inmates.. For now I’m in the waves of emotion, of disappointent, of ager and of fear.. Im in the zone of denial.

  2. Oren says:

    Hey Magnum,

    Not sure what “Noodles” means, but who doesn’t like a good noodle? Is there some type of code here I am missing? If I recall history correctly, I think that was what the Romans shouted “Noodles” in a charge. Maybe not, but it is fun to picture.

    You have never seen this website have you? It is fantastic who ever made it for you.

    I hope things are going well and your re-location goes smooth.

    Hang in there pal, hope your recovery is solid.



  3. ohmom says:

    Love and noodles! LOL
    I believe everything happens for a reason. We may not understand or even like it but there is a reason. My son is doing a 15-life sentence and if I did not believe that there is NO way I could get through each and everyday. I believe in my son and I believe in you too. Stay strong and keep thinking…
    Big cyber hug from this mom

  4. Kathy says:

    What you have to say means a lot more than you realize. You are living what a lot of others have never seen. Most believe things like this only happen to others. As a mom of an incarcerated son, we are living it as well, and have shared his story with others in hopes that they will see the light before they are experiencing it as well. I believe we have two choices. To keep to ourselves and deal with it alone, or to awaken those who might need awakening. We can use this experience to enlighten others. Great job you are doing.