How I Posted Here While I was in Prison

My family was my conduit to the real world. No, in Texas prison I did not have internet access. I could not check my email or post a thought. I would write my snail mail to a family member who posted for me. It was a very manual process and took a week or 10 days to post. When I was situated in TDC, my family members could communicate by email (JPay) but inmates cannot reply by email. They need to use regular mail and hand write their letters.

Being able to get your comments and responses back was really encouraging. I helped me feel connected, and like more than a number and a statistic. Please comment, and share. I still really enjoy hearing from y’all.

27 thoughts on “How I Posted Here While I was in Prison

  1. If anybody out there knows somebody that is located in the ” Estelle” unit please contact me. there is somebody in there that i really need to get in contact with but i have no way of doing so. my email is

    1. Hey Denise, I don’t want to discourage you but I think it’s unlikely that a random other person at Estelle will know the person you are trying to reach. Have you tried looking them up in the inmate locator and then writing to them? That is probably your best bet. Peace ~ Magnum

  2. I would like to know how long is a person in the transfer unit. He was told that it is now 3 years. Do they have a set time in transfer units, before he is moved to a prison?

    1. Hey Roger. No, there is not a set time. Most folks are at a transfer unit just a couple months at the most. But, it’s true that some inmates spend their entire sentence at the transfer unit. I can’t say there are any good guidelines to go by, it just seems to vary from case to case. I don’t know why they would tell someone it was three years though. TDC likes to keep us guessing most of the time. Good luck and peace ~ Magnum

  3. You are a very intelligent young Man I found your blog by accident and I could NOT stop reading it as a Mother I know just how your Mother feels as my Son is a young Man around your age also Incarcerated in TDCJ like you he has written me letters describing alot of the same things I just love how positive you are,please keep your head up and I pray that God sends you and your Family a yes when you see parole so that you can return to your Mothers Open arms May God wrap yourself and your Family safely in his arms.

    Thank You Texas Magnum

  4. Thank you so much for writing this. My husband just turned 26 and right before was sentenced to 30 years for intoxication manslaughter. This is a whole new life for us, and it really helps me to read your blog and get an inside look as what he is going through. Sometimes I hate reading it, and knowing, but it helps. I really appreciate what you and your family are doing… Stay positive. Stay strong.

  5. Hello! Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your writings. You seem so much like my son in many ways:) I have heard from him many of the same things you have written about, so now I know it isn’t just him complaining about how some of the prisoners act that really gets on his nerves. He is one to stay to himself mostly – says that is the best way. He doesn’t want to associate with the animals in there. He is there for alcohol level of .089 and having a vehicle accident. He was also addicted to hydrocodone and xanax. Know what you were talking about when you talked about how it is to withdraw from drugs – he had tried many times before going to prison. He has come back to his raising of being close to the Lord and this has helped him so very much. He has also grown into a man while there. He has been in for 5 1/2 years and comes up for his first parole in October 2012. It is a shame that our state doesn’t have a place to send drug/alcohol offenders for the help they need instead of having to live with those who are so bad they don’t care about anything. I really love your attitude and pray that you can keep it up. I know is does get hard at times with the living conditions y’all are living in. But, keep the Faith and stay strong with your belief. Guys like you and my son will have a life again once you get back home, and it will be much better than what you were living before going to prison. My son says that God knew how to get him “well” and that was prison – and prison he went. He also says that it saved his life – God saved him from himself. I believe it also. I will continue watching your blog for more news. Keep up the great work and you will be surprised who God may use you to help. My son has been able to help some of the guys with Bible study group. Stay strong and keep your head up. You have a wonderful attitude. Also want to thank your family for keeping your blog going. It really helps us mothers that have our sons in prison to be able to read your posts and know that there are many other good guys in prison with our sons. Thank you again. God Bless you and your family.

  6. I am so glad to have found your blog. This week my son was sentenced to 2 yrs state jail and 10 yrs TDC to run together.They say he will go to state jail first and he has already spent 6 months in county that will go toward TDC. He was convicted of criminal negligent homicide and failure to stop and render aid. It was a car accident. The lawyer said more than likely he will get to come home after state. I am so confused with all this. Right now he is angry and bitter so what can I do to help him have a better attitude and not feel like his life is over.Thank you so much for your help

    1. I also think that the time Donald spent apart or outside of his life alwelod for greater perspective and introspection. Often it’s difficult to see what’s right in front of us. Your friend Donald had that time to really think about what he wanted and needed to live happily ever after .

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