Why Texas Magnum

Why do I call myself Texas Magnum?

Well the Texas part is easy. That’s where I am, and it’s a big, beautiful state.

The word “Magnum” is made up of letters of my name, more or less. Not all the letters are represented, but close enough.

I chose to post this blog anonymously for a couple of reasons. Being in prison isn’t cool, and there are some family members and family friends not to mention their work colleagues and associates who don’t even know I am here, and others that might be embarrassed or put off by it.

Personally, I don’t care. I am me.  But, out of respect for my family and their friends, and also thinking ahead that during my time incarcerated I may post information that could be compromising to myself or my fellow inmates, I think it is best to post under a pseudonym.

That may change later on. Still thinking on it.

5 thoughts on “Why Texas Magnum

    1. Frank, use the Offender search. You must have their last name and first initial at least. If it’s a common name there can be quite a few results but you can usually figure out which is the person you are looking for, based on Date of Birth and race, as well as the reason they are incarcerated. Once you find them click on the result and you will see their TDC number and Unit they are at. If you click the unit, it will take you to the TDC Directory where you can get the address.

  1. I am the mother of a 21 yr old (Florida) From juvenile to adult-in & out of jail. Now, there is a bench warrant out for his arrest. Drug charges, violation of probation, Grand theft. Last time in county jail he took a “Project Recovery” program. (help to cope without drugs/alcohol. Went 17 days and sent to hospital for being unresponsive (passes out on apt. stairs) Time before he was 10 days out of county only to return to jail.

    I miss my son and am way concerned (rattled) Last we spoke (yesterday) he said he wanted a few days.

    Whatever it takes ??

    1. Hang in there Jayna. I put myself and my family through a lot before I went to prison. Rehab, jail, none of that worked for me, it took long-term incarceration for me to get inside myself and do some serious thinking about what I wanted. Sometimes it takes some real consequences to get it. I hope your son does better soon, you are in my thoughts.

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