What Does Magnum Mean Anyway?

Dictionary.com says:
1.large wine bottle having a capacity of two ordinary bottles or 1.5 liters (1.6 quarts).|
2.a magnum cartridge or firearm.


3.(of a cartridge) equipped with a larger charge than other cartridges of the same size.
4.(of a firearm) using such a cartridge.
5.Informal . unusually great in power or size: a magnum spotlight; a magnum dosage.

1780–90;  < L, neut. of magnus  large; in reference to firearms, orig. used as a trademark by the Smith and Wesson Co.

How does this relate to me?

I ‘unno. It sounds good. And the letters tie in with the letters of my name. Work with me here.

4 thoughts on “What Does Magnum Mean Anyway?

    1. Hey Jasmine, yes I am. I just responded to your question on another string about transferring to another state. It basically doesn’t happen. I don’t know if it’s impossible but I would say it’s very unlikely.

  1. I have entirely too many questions. What brought me to your blog, texas prison inmate locator, after years of hunting and fearing that the love of my life might be dead… this crossed my google search. Sure enough he’s spending quality time with the not so great state of Texas Department of Corrections. I contacted him excited but needless to say he’s still a douche, he would never tell me what exactly got him 75 years (basically life) other than AGG SEXUAL ASLT-CHILD. What exactly does that mean? How does someone get that kind of sentence and not actually killed anyone? I know who the child is and she is graduating from High School, she’s beautiful and well adjusted even rather funny. No I can’t ask her, God knows what that could bring back to light. Of course it’s a case that involves a juvenile so needless to say I’ll never be able to access the information. I wished I could let this go, I wished I could close this chapter of my life, I want to move on but something bring me back to looking him up and just starring at the little information I can find… It changes absolutely nothing, but I need to understand.

    1. Hello Reign, I am sorry to tell you that AGG SEXUAL ASLT-CHILD is exactly what it sounds like. Nothing good. There is nothing I can say to calm all the thoughts you are having right now. I think it’s sad that you happen to be acquainted with the victim and I think it’s wise you are not approaching her. What good could come of that? If she seems OK then that is a great thing. If she is not OK then I think help should come from somewhere else, not from you. You are too connected to this situation. I think by now, you realize that the love of your life is not worthy of that. Maybe at this point it’s time to just let that one go, and move forward. Forward is good in my book – it’s what has kept me going at times. I don’t feel equipped to help with such a heavy situation as what you are dealing with, I am a simple guy. But I do know that everyone has different sides of them. I suppose you know the side of this guy who had some good, but unfortunately, it seems his bad side won out. Don’t spend time wondering why. Find peace in your heart, and move forward. I wish you the best ~ Magnum

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