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  1. My fiance is in county waiting for Isf can someone explain the process and what we can expect he gets off parole in may. Plus he has to get an ankle monitor when he gets released from isf. How long will he be there?

  2. My husband was just sent to tdcj a week ago over his second probation vilation. He first went to ISF git his certificate then five months later ended up back in jail got five years. I’ve only received one letter witch isnt like him, I’ve sent money and letters through j-pay idk if he’s getting any of it. He’s NEVER been to prison idk what to expect…he’s in John Middleton in Abilene right now will he stay there? Or if he’s moved will he be close to family?? His projected release is in 2019. His lawyer said he’d be up for parole on five to six months then he can come home he don’t got s bad background hos history isn’t bad this was his first felony. But I’ve heard from other people you don’t get granted your first parole.. please help me out..I’m driving myself crazy.

    1. Hi Felix, there is a Jose Estrada born 11/18/86 in the Roach Unit.

      You can write to him at:
      TDC Roach Unit
      15845 FM 164
      Childress, TX 79201

      You need to include his TDCJ number on the envelope, next to his name. Jose’s TDCJ number is 01867916

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