What do I have to be thankful for?

Posted: 24th November 2010 by Texas Magnum in Reflections
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I am sitting here thinking about Thanksgiving which is this coming week and how much that was always a day that I have always enjoyed being with family. I will be missing all of it this year, but the past couple of years it seems that half of the time when it was a holiday or something I was in rehab somewhere anyway.

I am mailing this tomorrow, but no matter what day it gets there, if it gets there before, I want it to get posted the night before Thanksgiving, because I know that is the time when I will probably be thinking a lot about what I am missing on Thanksgiving, and maybe some of you will be too. So this is for all of us.

I see that a lot of mothers of inmates have been the ones that send me comments. A couple have told me I make them think of their own sons and daughters. When I think of my own mother I hope she is going to have a really good day tomorrow. I hope she cooks up a big turkey and all the sides and that she knows I would give anything to be there, heaping up my plateful. I hope after the meal there is nothing but huesos left (that is bones for those of you who don’t speak Spanish.). And I hope somebody helps do the dishes. I hope all of you do the same, and don’t spend too much time feeling sorry for us, your kids that are in prison. We are all OK.

Here in county nobody has said much but I am pretty sure we will get some kind of Thanksgiving meal tomorrow. And I also figure it more than likely isn’t going to be anything like the meals we are all missing at home. But it’s alright.

I for one don’t want to think about what got me here or what I am missing out on but more about what is going to get me back to the other side. I am going to be thankful I am given this opportunity to set new goals for myself and to spend some time getting right. I am thankful that by the time I get out of here I am going to be an uncle, and that my sister is feeling and doing good. I am thankful that I have at least a few people that have remembered I still exist and who care about me. I am thankful I have everything I need already, and now I have a chance to learn what to do with it.

I hope you all have something in mind to be thankful for too.

Happy Thanksgiving and Peace ~ Magnum


  1. Kathy says:


    I am a counselor in a prison and will be working during the Thanksgiving holiday. Is there any particular encouragement that would be helpful to share during the holiday? I would like to share your blog about Thanksgiving as well if that’s okay.


  2. Oren says:

    Thankfulness is the cure of self centered-ness.

    It does not have to be Thanksgiving to engage in this thinking…

    Be Well,


  3. Time is a gift. Let us know where we can send some books.

  4. kathy says:

    Thank you. I needed to read this. My son has always been a big fan of a giant Thanksgiving meal. Its definately one of his favorites. He has been gone the past two holiday seasons and its just not been the same between missing him and feeling guilty about cooking so much and doing our normal routine. I know he will be thinking of us and missing us just like we will be thinking of him and missing him as well. I guess I know in my head that he will be ok, again, and I will too. This too shall pass.