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Do you need to find someone in Texas prison? If a family member or loved one has been sent to prison, you might be wondering how to find them. Probably you want to write to them and stay in touch while they do their time.

I used to be able to display a form on this page that let folks search for inmates within TDC but the folks at TDCJ have changed the way things work and I cannot make it work now. I hope to have a solution soon. Meanwhile please continue to send your questions to me and I will keep trying to help y’all. Sorry for the hassle.

You can also check these other pages I have with information about Texas prison, Federal prison, and, soon to come, county jails in Texas.

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  1. Hey they just move my husband and I’m trying to get a hold on him I can’t fine him can someone tell me how to fine him I try they way he told me be for they move him he was in Houston tx but I don’t know key where they move him I just want to know how long it’s well take or how long it’s well take to know where they move him I need to know so I can send him money

  2. Ok so my husband got sentenced 4 years tdcj it would have been 2 years if he would have turned himself in back in January he was caught Tuesday of this month he has evading arrest with a motor vehicle fta and jumping bond im just trying to figure out about how long will he actually do if not all his time I really would appreciate any information you might be able to give me thanks

  3. My husband caught chain lastnight and I’m trying to find his location and unit. I dont like not being able to find any of his info on the tdcj site. How long do i have to wait until it will tell me where he is.?

    1. Hey Samantha and Brenda, it takes a couple days for an inmate to show up in the TDC inmate search once they catch chain. It is a nerve-wracking time for family and friends at home, but just stay calm and I am positive that they will show up in the next couple of days. They are going through intake and processing and they are OK. As soon as you do see them, you will see they now have a TDC number assigned to them. Be sure to use that number on letters and money orders you send to them. If you can, get a little money sent to your inmate as soon as you find them, so they can get the essentials they will need. Peace ~ Magnum

    1. There isn’t really a standard time, a lot of times it is that they are waiting for an opening to come up.

  4. Hello Rosie/Texas Magnum, Wow my husband has beenwaiting on a decision for 8 weeks now, he said that he was interviewed and was asj if he had a problem going to a program if need, what kind of program could that be, he has taken voyagers, faith base, AA/Dwi classes

    1. Ji Rosie/ Texas Magnum, I just found out this morning that we were denied again after waiting 9 weeks and fourth time up, I am so disappointed, But do you know if there is a chance paeole will change their mind by any chance?

      1. Hey Anita, I am sorry to hear about that news for y’all. I have not heard of parole reversing a decision usually. I think unfortunately you will have to wait for the next time he is up. A lot of times it doesn’t seem that they are really considering all the facts and it seems unfair. I am very sorry, I know you must be disappointed. Hang in there ~ Magnum

  5. my husband is in Wynne unit, been denied 2 times for parole. he been in this unit for a month now and is up for parole again in october. since he is under huntsville parole board, i pray that means he will be coming home this year.

    1. Hey A Thomspon, I hope you get good news this time around in October. Keep the faith. Peace ~ Magnum

  6. Hey everyone, things are getting slow around here. What’s up with all of you? Hope your loved ones in TDC are hanging in there and getting closer to their release dates. Peace y’all. ~ Magnum

  7. Hello Texas Magnum/ Rosie, my husband had a lay- in for his I’d in Eastham prison, he has served 3 years on a DUI running concurrent with a non agg family volience, he is a trustee and taken voyagers class that he was finally put in after 2 years of trying to get in it, he has taken AA/ Faith based, now he is in the parole review process 3rd time up,Why would he get a lay- in for I’d if he hasn’t seen parole? Thx u

    1. Hi. My son had a lay in before parole also and hey did his id and stuff ready for reals. Don’t want to ge your hopes up but this might be a good sign!

      1. Thx u for that info Rose, I just came from visiting him the weekend and he is just so excited abt it all, he said that another person made parole with an fi-5 then they came BAK and they released him..But his prd is 5/14/2023

          1. Thx you so much Rose, I pray also that it’s all good signs, God will not put more on us that we can bear, I’m glad ur son made his parole, God is answering prayers, Yes I will hang in there it’s been a long time coming!!

      2. Hi Rose/ Texas Magnum, FYI my husband saw parole on March 21, 2017, He said it went well so he thinks, He said that the lady that interviewed​ him asked him if he had a problem going to a program, of course he said no, bit my question is what program can they possible put him in if he has taken all the required classes? Like voyagers, cognitive intervention, faith base, AA, as I stated before he had a parole violation dwi/ assault bodily injury on family no weapon he did 3 years concurrent, now he’s in his 4th year do you think he will parole out with no program? Thx in advance..

    2. Hello, Rose / Texas Magnum. I was informed that since my husband has been denied 3 times for parole, under this new law he cannot be denied a 4th time..how true is this?? Thx in advance

    3. Hello Rose/Texas Magnum, I’m hearing things abt this new law from someone that just gottan out of prison. Informed me that my hubby cannot be denied parole his 4th time up, can you enlighten me on if this is true plz thx

      1. Hello Anon, I am sorry to tell you that I have never heard of that law, and also I looked it up and didn’t find anything to support it. I would doubt it really, because in that case if someone had been denied three times they would have no motivation to follow rules or stay out of trouble, if they were assured to be released regardless on their next try. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I am sorry, and I hope it’s true – but it’s not something I have heard before. Good luck ~ Magnum

    4. Hello, quick question. My husband is up for parole again in August but his PRD is in September. Is the PRD a for sure date he’ll come out or would parole make that decision in August? I’m confused about parole and his PRD date. I’m assuming if he doesn’t make parole hell be released on his PRD but I heard they can issue him an F-3 and hold him past his PRD date. Do yall know how this works? Thanks!!

      1. my dude got denied parole and his PRD moved to the same as his MSD. just because he set to get out, don’t really mean they will, its up to parole. good luck. i pray mines come home on parole in october

  8. My son has been transferred to walker county jail after a parole violation from another county. He is waiting transfer to TDC. He has a two year sentence, but has time served credit in the Federal prison for 370 days. So he should be eligible for parole after he reaches the TDC. He does not yet have a TDC number. It has been 25 days since he was found guilty. How long will he be in Walker county jail before he is moved to the TDC ? Is there a way to get a TDC number for him before he is moved >

    1. There’s no exact time table to follow. If he was on parole and this is a violation then he still has his number. Sorry there’s not much help to be given. It’s pretty much a waiting game with TDC

      1. Hello Rose and Texas, so idk if I’ve asked this but wanted to see does good time works and how it is earned. Also when a an inmate gets a year set off, how soon do they start a review?

        1. Hi. I believe after six months if there are no cases and issues they receive good time and line class changes. When first incarcerated they are reviewed for parole at six months. If denied then reviewed after six more months. If denied a second time or given a year set off then reviews happen yearly.

          1. Does that apply even if on the parole review it says he won’t see them until another year? He was denied in August so would he see them in February?

        1. so quick question. If parole was denied in August and his PRD date is in September of this year will parole release him on that date or will they make him wait another few months. His next review is in Aug of this year as well. Plz help I’m lost.

          1. Hi. Sorry I am just seeing this. My sons second review was his PRD and he was approved. I’ve noticed that the PRD is a pretty good date to keep your eye on. Hang in there!!

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