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Maybe you have wondered where I’ve been these past months. I’ve been wondering too. And now I think I owe it to y’all to tell you why I’ve been off the grid. I was abusing drugs again and I got addicted. I got lost, really lost. I fell down hard. I made a lot of […]

So this is Christmas…

Posted: 26th December 2011 by Texas Magnum in About me & my journey, Growth and Change
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This week  I sit here, away from my family at the holidays once again, and I find myself thinking. I am where the universe wants me to be, or else I wouldn’t be here. Since I don’t want to be here, I realize I need to look for the lesson in the situation. Christmas is […]

Maybe a few of you reading this blog stumbled on here when you were looking for information about heroin or addiction. Maybe you or one of your family members is struggling with some of the very same things that got me here in prison and you are looking for help. In one of my first posts […]

Within the last two days, two of my buddies here in the unit got moved. I was really sad to see them go. One in particular had become a really good friend. He was a good dude and I had spent a lot of my days talking and sharing stories and thoughts with him. He […]

As I anxiously wait for the magistrate’s date I sit and ponder my majestic mistakes. My crimes are gathered ’round me in a pool of shame, what a fool I was to think that alone I could change. Over and over poison coursed through my veins like venom from a lovely, deadly and devious snake. […]