A poem about heroin addiction: Venomous

As I anxiously wait for the magistrate’s date
I sit and ponder my majestic mistakes.

My crimes are gathered ’round me in a pool of shame,
what a fool I was to think that alone I could change.

Over and over poison coursed through my veins
like venom from a lovely, deadly and devious snake.

And all the while I prayed to God for God to fix
the troubles caused by my own tortured state.

Instead – He placed me in this iron-barred fate
alone, all alone with my majestic mistakes.

God, I cried, why is this to be my fate?
Yet the days ticked by and I began to slowly awake

and move away from my sure date with death
with that lovely, conniving, and venomous snake.

I could see with clear eyes how it was God’s loving grace
that landed me here in my iron-barred fate.

Near now, so near, the magistrates date –
and yet I clearly see that my majestic mistakes

Were a blessing from God allowing me to awake
from the poisonous bite of my venomous snake.