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The internet has been a huge source of information for my family and myself as I have faced this circumstance I find myself in.

ANYONE convicted of any crime or facing conviction, or family members of these folks, should visit It is an AWESOME site full of great information. Far more info on there than you will find on any State of Texas or TDC site. Real time answers and advise to your questions, delivered with compassion and valuable insider insight.

There is so much compassion and help to be found on this site. If you are the family member, girlfriend or boyfriend and scared about what is happening to the person you care about who has become incarcerated, visit this site and bookmark it.

Here is the link straight to the “Texas” section but the main forum has much good info for family, inmates, etc. and any and all situations you will encounter when you find yourself or your family member “in the system”.

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  1. Hello!
    I’ve spent the morning looking around your website and I’ve enjoyed myself. We would like to be listed in your 2019 directory (or on your website) and hope you’ll get back with me on the particulars. is the only online archive of prison art on the internet. We are a full service gallery, committed to advocating for the prison art sector, while simultaneously giving our artists a safe and lasting place to store digital copies of their work. Our portfolio creation services are 100% FREE of charge. We want to meet every prison artist in America and hope you’ll help.

    Thanks and have a great day.

    Intern Mandy 

    1. Hi mandy did you receive Bruce’s package April 30 2020? When will he get his welcome package like you sent to Stanford

  2. There are less than 20 officers working at the federal prison in Beaumont at 6200 Knauth Rd, Beaumont, TX 77705 that have been there for nearly 72 hours without power, water shut off, and food supply dwindling. The sewer lines have broken and there are feces coming up all the showers and sinks. They are in a desperate situation with apparently no help coming!! If anyone with water and food, shoes, socks, any clothing of any kind, could please go to the prison and assist these officers.. they and their families would be extremely thankful. These are seemingly forgotten law enforcement officers.. with all of the other situations going on, I know that there are many that need dire help but there are only so many days these men and women can walk through knee deep water in the same boots and clothing, keeping our city safe during the flooding.

  3. I called the day my son left and they told me 3 to t days… I call this morning and he was there. Hope this helps others out.

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