Seven months into my sentence – March 2011

I have now been incarcerated for 7 months. I have gone through intake and spent time at Garza West. That was a nice, relatively close visit for my family so I was hopeful I might stay there for awhile but I was transferred to another unit that is much, much further away from hom. It’s a long ways from everywhere here, but the unit is a newer one, and not so bad.

I turned 23 in January, and I had an interview with the IPO in February. That means that now, my case will be reviewed by the parole board. It takes a 2 out of 3 vote to grant me parole, and it’s not just yes or no, they could say “Yes with a stint in TDC rehab” or they could say “Yes after you complete some classes” or they could say “No for now” and then I will need to wait a year for another review.

I am determined to hope for the best and expect the worse, so I don’t get disappointed. I am holding my own here and trying to keep on top of things. I read a lot and have remembered just how much I enjoy a good book. I am working out a lot and probably the most fit I have been in a long time. I try to avoid trouble and have found my people to hang with here.

I wish I could say I was busy with a job or classes or learning a lot or growing a lot, but at this time I can’t say that is so. I am doing time. The time isn’t doing me though.

5 thoughts on “Seven months into my sentence – March 2011

  1. Hi, I Just want to say I agree with you. I live in the Poland ( sorry for my english) we don’t sennetce juvenile for lwop, they can get maximum 25 years.I hope that Governor Hickenlooper will grand clemency for you. Please do not lose hope. My prayers to You and your family.

    1. seeing your mom will make you feel sooooooooo much btteer! those windows will still have time to be taken care of. the mental health and emotional happiness of the mommie to be is vitally important to the developing bud. so see your family. the windows will get down.

  2. Hang in there!You are a strong person.I can tell by your posts.Ive been through the parole thing with my sweetie and its not easy.He got revoked a few weeks ago.He had only been home almost a year and did almost four yrs in TDCJ.I will keep you in my prayers.

  3. Your story is great! I too was in prison – did 2-1/2 years in DOC for embezzlement – my addiction was the love of money, people pleasing and gambling….check out my blog sometime

    I will follow your blog – btw I am on PTO as well! I was there prior to my incarceration and I came back to it after my release….

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