It’s hard to help a friend from within prison

Today I was sitting here thinking about a friend of mine who lives in Tennessee. She is a lovely person, beautiful both inside and out, and I consider her one of my very best friends in the world. I have met her in person only once, for a few days, when I took a camping trip over to the Tennessee area and into the Smoky Mountains. I was 19 at the time, and by then we had known each other for about 3 years. We met playing an online game together! But meeting her was awesome, and she means a lot to me. I wish I could help her more with some stuff she has going on right now.

At this time in her life, she has been having some sad times and she is having troubles getting over her first serious boyfriend. I can see she is stuck, not able to move forward and not happy with how she feels right now. I try to talk to her and to help her, but sometimes I think she doesn’t take the things I say very sincerely, because I suspect she thinks I may say some things just so I can move that guy out of the way and position myself in closer with her. But the truth is, I really think she is a good person and she has been a true friend to me. She is one of the very few people that actually knew me from the outside world that has written to me. It means a lot.

So today I sit thinking about her, and her situation, and how I can help her, as a friend, to deal with it. And I have a question for the women out there. If you have a male friend that tries to console you about a relationship issue you might be having, do you automatically assume that he has ulterior motives and that he is trying to get in good with you? Or, is it possible for him to reach out to you, and for you to take it sincerely?

The truth is, I even have to ask myself the same question. Am I being honest or am I deep down, trying to get in good with my friend? I think my motives are sincere. I do care for her very much. And, I want what is best for her. No matter what the reasoning behind what I say to her, I do care about her and I want her to be alright, not depressed about some guy…

What I wish she would know is, as I have come to learn in here, it’s all about being in the moment, and we need to try to find our own happiness from inside. Oh, I know she will be alright. She is smart and has everything she needs to succeed in everything. Right now she is having her own journey just like I am. Come to think of it, probably her journey is a pretty normal one compared to mine. I wish her well!

I wish every one of you well too.
Peace y’all ~ Magnum