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So… your loved one, a friend, or family member are in prison or jail. You are scared and worried and you want to help them. You have come to the right place.

Visit the TDCJ website for information about inmates, visitation, writing to inmates, and everything else. Use the navigation on the top of the site to find your way around. If you are sure they are in the TDCJ system, which stands for Texas Department of Criminal Justice, then You will need the inmates last name, and at least their first initial of their first name. The more information you have the better. You can add their Date of Birth and their race. Some people have a common name, like Joe Smith, and there will be many results, so the more details you have the better. If you are using the Inmate locator tool to find someone, and if the person you are looking for goes by a nickname, use their REAL first name initial. You cannot be listed in TDC by a nickname.

Now, sometimes, you know your loved one has been arrested and is in jail or prison, but you do not know where they are. The TDC Inmate Locator will only tell you if they are in prison. A person can stay a good long while in county jail, so if you do not find them in the TDC, you should try looking in the county jail. Most likely start with the county they live in of course. Larger areas have a lookup tool on their website. But you will need to track that down. You can also usually call a county jail and ask if a person is incarcerated there. Remember, these folks working at the jails are just people, like you and me, and they are usually overworked and underpaid, so put a good attitude on and be polite and patient when you call. Have as much information as you can ready to provide them, and use a clear voice when talking to them.

If you still are not finding them but you are positive they are incarcerated, then you need to figure out if they are incarcerated on Federal charges. In that case, they might be in Texas, but in a Federal penitentiary, and they will not show on the TDC Inmate Locator either. Here is a link to the Federal Inmate Search tool. The difference with the Federal Inmate Search tool is that it shows everyone who has been in the Federal pen, even those that are now released, so take a close look at the details.

If you still need help or have other questions, one great place for all questions about prison, prison life, and everything else having to do with it is the online forum If you are dealing with a loved one in prison, I highly recommend this site as a place to find support and a lot of information.

Meanwhile, stick around my blog for awhile. Read a couple of my blog posts and leave a comment if you wish. I did my time, I am free now, and life is good. I will answer any questions you have and help if I can. Peace to y’all ~ Texas Magnum

37 thoughts on “Find someone in Texas prison

  1. Can you please help me find my nephew?
    I know he was in Collin County but his name is not on they’re list
    Is it ok to place his name here or how does it work?
    Can’t seem to get anywhere looking for him,
    Please help me or tell me what to do
    My family has given up but I have not!
    We are all gods children! Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes!
    I so want him to know I love him and I’m praying for him and he is not alone
    Can you advise?

  2. Looking for Seth Hayden Taylor, transferred from Jefferson county jail . How do I find his TDC number and locate him in TDC?

  3. My dad has been for 3 years and not being released I went to search for him to find his address to mail him some pictures but it is not showing him there at all

  4. my boyfriend was transferred to safpf and when I called they gave me his ID# but when I try to search him or even when I try to set up jpay or something no record is found is that because its only his 1st/2nd day?

    1. How did you find out what unit he was sent to my boyfriend got picked up yesterday for safpf but i dont know where he was sent or anything

      1. Hey Holly, it takes several days for the system to update and show the location they are at. Be patient, with it being the weekend and then 4th of July on Tuesday it could take several days, but don’t you worry, he is just fine and getting settled in. As soon as you see the updated info you can write to him. Peace ~ Magnum

        1. Hey Sandy, it takes a couple days for someone to show up on the TDC website once they catch chain. It is hard on you to be calm I know but don’t worry, he is OK and going through processing and then he will show up. Peace ~ Magnum

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