Officially a cook in Texas prison!

Posted: 6th August 2011 by Texas Magnum in Growth and Change
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Well, how about that? I have been promoted, after just a short while on my job as pot and pan washer in the prison kitchen. The kitchen boss told me he had observed I was a hard worker, and he needed someone who could learn and work hard, and offered me the position. I accepted the offer (ha ha, as if I had a lot of options) and now I am officially a cook, in prison. Ain’t I the shit? All progress is good, and I take this as progress. And, I get an extra meal for my effort. It’s hard work and it’s kicking my ass because I like to work out so after working my 8 hour shift I hit rec for my routine. Then it’s a shower and sleep, then I do it all over again. Peace out ~


  1. Sharon says:

    Congrats! You ARE the Shxx! Sounds like a good fit for you….and an extra meal!!!
    Step it up a notch and add a sprig of parslely to every tray!
    A CHEF is born!
    Love and prayers!