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Texas Department of Criminal Justice official site:

You can learn a lot about the Texas Prison System on their site. Under the Public Resources tab is a directory for all the units, an inmate search (which is the same on you fine here on the homepage) and inmate family resources including information about visitation, telephone calls, the parole system and more.

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  1. I’m trying to write a friend but apparently I’m not spelling his name right. Don Toliao is what I thought was the spelling and he was on McConnell unit. Please assist me in this!

  2. amanda i love you and i hope you still love me to im going to send you some money when you need me to and please dont forget about me when you get out ok baby

  3. I’m so excited to say my Husband is finally coming home after 2 long yrs…Freddy bby I u and these last 8 days are gonna be the longest 8days I’ve every experienced

    1. Hey Shirley, Sorry, I didn’t see your comment until now. I hope you have gotten your answers by now. It takes a couple days for an inmate to show up on the TDCJ Inmate Locator once they are transferred. Just keep checking it. The website to check that is I used to have a link right on this site for it but they changed things so now I can’t make it work. Anyway, enter their name and info there and you will find out where they are. Once you locate them you can send them mail, being sure to put their new TDC number on the envelope by their name. Also, you can send them money, also using their name and TDC number, in or Western Union, or by money order in regular postal mail. Good luck to you and your son. Peace ~ Magnum

    1. Hey Melissa, I do not think you can talk to an inmate from Mexico because as far as I know it has to be a real land-line, not an internet line or cell phone, and it has to be in the US. You may need to just write letters to them to communicate. I am not sure if they have loosened up on the phone regulations since I was in, but that is what I am recollecting about it. Peace ~ Magnum

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