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Do you need to find someone in Texas prison? If a family member or loved one has been sent to prison, you might be wondering how to find them. Probably you want to write to them and stay in touch while they do their time.

I used to be able to display a form on this page that let folks search for inmates within TDC but the folks at TDCJ have changed the way things work and I cannot make it work now. I hope to have a solution soon. Meanwhile please continue to send your questions to me and I will keep trying to help y’all. Sorry for the hassle.

You can also check these other pages I have with information about Texas prison, Federal prison, and, soon to come, county jails in Texas.

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  1. Hello, Texas Magnun/Rosie, How are you today, I have this question, My hubby got a conditional release date for 5/ 2017, I stated this before. But just wanted to know if he saw parole May 2017 and was denied, when will he come up for parole again? Will it be in 6 months or in 4 months he’s a trustee in eastham no write ups, no trouble at all in his 4 years incarcerations, thx in advance have a blessed day..

  2. My boyfriend was just transferred to TDC two days ago I can’t find him anywhere at the tdcj webpage. Does it take some time to upload information or I am just looking in the wrong place?

    1. Sure Luciano, what is your inmates information? We need the first and last name and the race, as well as the birthdate. At least as much of the information you have helps narrow it down, especially if they have a common name. Peace ~ Magnum

  3. Hi Rosie/Texas Magnum, My hubby just wrote to me stating that he has a Conditional Release Date now for 5/01/2018, I know it’s a good thing to have a date now, but I was wondering if he could get released before that date, or will he have to wait until the date he was giving, I am just so happy now, God is good all the time, I thank you both for all the advice that you have given to me..God bless you both, Anita

    1. Hey Anita, I am not sure about that, to be honest. Like you said, at least it’s good to have a date and you will learn more as time goes along. Usually they have to complete some classes and other conditions for this. The time will go faster than you think, hang in there. Peace ~ Magnum

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