Texas Prison Inmate Search

By Texas Magnum

Do you need to find someone in Texas prison? If a family member or loved one has been sent to prison, you might be wondering how to find them. Probably you want to write to them and stay in touch while they do their time.

I used to be able to display a form on this page that let folks search for inmates within TDC but the folks at TDCJ have changed the way things work and I cannot make it work now. I hope to have a solution soon. Meanwhile please continue to send your questions to me and I will keep trying to help y’all. Sorry for the hassle.

You can also check these other pages I have with information about Texas prison, Federal prison, and, soon to come, county jails in Texas.


  1. Esmi says:

    My boyfriend broke probation (non aggravated) He is now in TDC sentence to 8 years.
    5/2016 was in county – 8/2016 has been in TDC ever since.
    he’s on parole review now met with realise and rentery people 2 weeks ago. He has his parole date for 03/2017 PRD is 01/2020. With his good behavior and time served he has about 11-12 months already.
    We have plenty of parole letter ready and 3 work parole letters offer ready. I have not sent them yet. Should I wait until after he sees parole to send? Does this help increase the chances of being paroled out on the first time?
    Also, I keep reading most people don’t get out on the first parole date. Is that based on the case?
    Thank you for reading….I’m just lost in this process.

    • Rose says:

      I think parole letters help. Some say yes and some say no. I’d send. We sent ours when review started. I also faxed a letter requesting the lead voter call me. I did get called. There’s honestly no way to know for sure if they will make parole. Too many variables, how they act inside, length of sentence, type of charges and prior record. I found that PRD was a pretty good indicator of when release would happen, but again that’s not the way it works for everyone. Personally, I would send my letters, pray and try not to get my hopes up. Focus on that PRD and that way if he does get out sooner you can be overjoyed!! Hang in there!!

    • Texas Magnum says:

      Friends ~ I have been real busy lately and having a few other things going on too. Health stuff and personal stuff. It’s all good, and we all will be just fine at the end fo the day, but I want to apologize for not being more present here.
      On Thanksgiving, I really am thankful. I reflect on my good fortune to be free and living a life I could only dream about a few years ago. I am thankful for my family, and healthy kids, and my job.
      I know it can be very hard if you have loved ones that are incarcerated on Thanksgiving. I felt guilty and sad every holiday I was locked up. Sad for me, and guilty to put my family through that.
      If it’s any consolation, the inmates tend to really get together that day and make the best celebration they can by combining their commissary items. And, it’s the one day of the year when it seems the cafeteria food is plentiful and halfway good. I have heard some places are better than others, I guess a lot of that comes down to the warden. But anyway, inmates eat well on Thanksgiving, and they find things to be thankful for. And believe me, they look forward to a future where they will be celebrating at home with their families themselves.
      Y’all take care this Thanksgiving and be thankful for what you can. Take a couple photos of your get together and print them out and send them to your inmate. They will really enjoy seeing them.
      Peace to all ~ Magnum

    • Kristy says:

      You can send as many letters & pictures u want to parole… They will keep them in his folder to be viewed when he comes up. However you will not get the photos back. You can also set up a phone call to speak with someone with parole about your loved one, my dad did that for me.. They voted on me the same day they spoke to my dad, I was granted parole… Send letters often. Let them know all the good things about your loved one & how u plan on helping them reintegrate back in to society… Hope I was able to help… Kristy

  2. Erica nettles says:

    My husband signed for 2 yrs 6 mo ths he has 2 months back time does anyone know how long hell do ? And how do i find out where hes been tranfered to they transfered him last night any info helps plz thank you

    • Rose says:

      It will take a few days to show up in the system. Are you talking transferred from county? If so I think Middleton is first stop for everyone. My son signed for two years, non ag and he did 11 months. Denied first parole and approved on second. PRD is a pretty good indicator of when they will be released. Hang in there!!

  3. Donel Smith says:

    My husband signed for 3 years tdc and 12 months state jail ran concurrent, will he have to do his state jail day for day or does his tdc time eat that up..we both keep hearing two different stories..

    • Rose says:

      State Jail is day for day. That will be completed. His PRD is a pretty good idea of when he will be released as long as no trouble inside.

  4. Tye says:

    Hello. I see that so many people are here just like me praying to receive the answers we are unable to get from the folks who work within the tdcj system. My husband was sentenced to 3 years in Denton County in July 2015 with 9 months credit. He was transferred to Gurney Unit and stayed there for 3 months. While there he was under parole review and met with his ipo. He was denied parole on November 24, 2015 but went back into review two or three weeks later because his prd was supposed to be on 02/22/16. He was transferred during this time from gurney unit (which was 5 hours away from me since I live in Louisiana) to segovia unit (which is 11 hours away from me and 9 hours away from his mom). We were hopeful that he would make the next parole. He was taking changes and other self help classes to stay busy and improve his chances of being paroled. But on 01/21/16 they denied him again stating among other reasons that he hadn’t served enough time. We were absolutely devastated. He hadn’t been in any trouble while in prison and his charge was not an aggravated offense. We tried to get a special review, but I was not provided with the information needed to get one. He is now in review for the 3rd time. We’ve written several support letters during the past year, completed a parole packet, and he has tried to stay out of trouble. If he is not paroled this time, he will have to stay until his maximum release date which is 10/02/17. His set off for this review is for 01/2017. My question is, what is the likelihood he would be paroled this time? Are they denying him because he is requesting to be transferred to Louisiana instead of being paroled in texas? Thanks for any info you can give me. Me and the kids miss him so much. We haven’t seen him in over a year before he was transferred to southwestern Texas.

    • Rose says:

      There’s really no way to know for sure. I would think his PRD is a pretty good guide as to being released. I’m sorry y’all are so far apart. I’ve heard of hardship transfers, while they probably wouldn’t move him out of state maybe you could apply for a unit closer to you?? Hang in there. Hopefully he will get this parole and come home on his PRD.

      • Tye says:

        Thank you so much for the info. I’m just so happy that even of he’s not paroled, he still has less than a year left on his sentence so there is light at the end of the tunnel. I pray God releases him sooner than later, but if we have to wait until the very end, I pray for strength. I also extend this prayer to everyone who’s waiting on a loved one in the tdc system

  5. Amanda says:

    Hi I’m new to this and have a couple of questions maybe someone can answer .. My husband was sentenced to 2yrs tdc 1yr state running curcurrent with 245 days credit as of Aug 11, 2016 he still has a pending local charge. Does anyone know how much time he has to do and if he will get transferred? He’s in Cameron county still. ?

    • Rose says:

      There’s no way to know for sure. My friends son was sentenced to six. O the state jail but because of seven months back time in county he never went anywhere. Just released from county. Your husband will probably transfer to TDCJ and do some time there. He has to do the year of state. His back time counts so that doesn’t leave a lot till that part is served. My son had six months state and two years TDCJ. He did almost 11 months. Denied first parole but approved second time with release date being his PRD. PRD is s pretty good guide as to when they will be released as long as all goes well inside.

  6. Alyssa says:

    My husband got approved for parole August 17th with an FI-2 . Release on a specified future date (01/2017).. Can someone please tell me more info on this? I’ve been calling the release line every day and still no release date. How long does it take before he will get one? Has anyone been through this situation?

    • Rose says:

      I believe that means he will be released in January. I’ve seen release dates post or be given as early as a month and as late as two weeks prior. Hang in there it’s almost over!

      • Alyssa says:

        Thank you so much. It’s so hard dealing with this.

        • Rose says:

          I know. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve lived thru. And one of the hardest things my son lived thru. But God gives us beauty for ashes and brings good out of situations. My son grew up a lot and now is the husband and father I always knew he could be. He will even tell you that while it was hard and bad he needed it get his priorities in line and his mind/heart changed. Hang in there. It will end and by the grace of God we won’t walk this road again!

          • Anonymous says:

            Yes ma’am it is. And time seems too go by so slow… I look forward to the weekends so I can go visit him which makes time go by a little bit faster but with him having an FI-2 and not knowing exactly what day he’s gonna get out is driving us both crazy.

          • Alyssa says:

            Rose do you or anyone else know about how long it takes too get a release date after being approved for parole with an FI-2? The release line told me it could take 30-60 business days but sometimes it could take longer… Which doesn’t make much since of why they would even mention the 30-60 business days.. Please someone help me out here.. ((: I’m going crazy waiting for a release date.. He was approved on August 17. Any ideas? Has anyone else been through this situation?

          • Rose says:

            You could get a release date early or up to a few days before release. I’ve seen both happen. I just called daily until they finally gave me one. Hang in there!!

          • Alyssa says:

            We got a release date!! I am so excited. 18 more days and my baby will be home!! Stay positive everyone. It’s so hard with LO away.

      • CARMISHA says:

        Hey Ms. Rose!!! My fiance signed for the years on a evading arrest charge.. He was denied 10/16 next review 10/17 and his PRD is 10/18 will he have to stay until 2018??? He’s in Wynne Unit trusty camp in Huntsville..

        • Rose says:

          Hey. Sorry I just saw this. There’s no way to know for sure but generally speaking that PRD is a good indicator of when they will be released. Evading arrest is a state jail felony. Is his sentence state jail or TDCJ? The reason I ask is because state jail is pretty close to day for day.

          • Carmisha says:

            Good Morning! Jus seen this.. Ms.Rose it’s tdc time and he told me Sat that he’ll come back up for parole review again in June or July

  7. Catherine says:

    Hi my husband just got sentenced to 7yrs tdc and 1yr stall jail well they just have him serve his time in tdc or will he be transferred to a state jail? I believe he was just transferred to Middleton last night but I’m not sure and this is really new to me so I have a few questions I’ve had a phone account set up on my cell phone for prepaid calls does it still work like that my cell is also a prepaid cell do i need to get a landline? Also about how long before he’ll be able to make a call he was told 30 days but that’s just from people in jail with him and what about visitation how soon can I visit him? Sorry so many questions.

    • Rose says:

      My son had two years TDCJ and six months state. Only did TDCJ side. Phone calls can take up to 45 days. Start writing as soon as you get his number. Put money on his books. He can write right away. Visits are about the same if I remember right. Is your phone registered with TDCJ? You might call and verify better safe than sorry. You want to be ready when he gets to make that call!

      • Catherine says:

        Thanks for the information I will call up there and find out about the phone. Do you know if it usually takes a while before he’s in the system i can’t find him I know its only been a few days and with the weekend and all but its driving me crazy not knowing I guess I just got used to his daily phone calls. Do you know how soon we can get a contact visit and why this whole process takes so long what all do they have to go through that they can’t make phone calls to let their loved ones know they’re ok.

        • Texas Magnum says:

          Hey Catherine, it does take a couple days or more before an inmate shows up in the system. You have to keep in mind that phone calls and visits are not rights, they are a privilege. An inmate can always receive mail, whether he just got to a transfer station or even if he is in seg, he will get his mail. If an inmate is moved, the mail will follow him with his TDC number on it. Visits and phone calls are not guaranteed and are good incentives for inmates to follow rules. Keep checking, he will show up any day then you can write him and get some money on his books. Good luck to you and him. Peace ~ Magnum

          • Catherine says:

            Is there a limit to how much mail they can receive in a day ive been using jpay now that hes in the system but I wanted to check if there was a limit to how much they’ll print out a day

          • Rose says:

            No ma’am. Write as much as you want! The only limits we were told of was no more than 8 pictures at a time.

  8. Lindsay Lopex says:

    Hello. My husband was just taken from county to Middleton yesterday. If I start sending him mail will they give it to him or does he have to wait a certain amount of time before he can have mail?

  9. Anita Edwards says:

    Hi Rosie, my husband went in march 2013 on 3 years running concurrent, he has a 35 year parole, he has been in for 3 years now, he has been on the texas tour to middleton unit, byrd unit, sanchez unit, garza west, he has been moved to his home county. at eastham, do you know how much time he will serve there, he was last denied parole may 2016..

    • Anita Edwards says:

      Im sorry that’s for Texas Magnum…

    • Texas Magnum says:

      Hey Anita, I wish I had a way to know how much time your husband will need to serve, but I do not. It really has a lot to do with the circumstances of his case, whether it was an aggravated offense, his behavior while incarcerated, and partly just seems luck of the draw. I am not sure what you mean about a 35 year parole though. His sentence is 3 years concurrent right? Seems he ought to be done unless he got additional charges while incarcerated. Peace ~ Magnum

      • Anita Edwards says:

        Hi Texas Magnum, No it was not aggravated his case was 3years running concurrent, his behavoir is great, he is a trustee at eastham, I mean He was already on parole for 35 years, before getting this 3 year case, he has no additional charges, I’m with you on the part where he should be done..

        • Texas Magnum says:

          Hey Anita, OK, I understand now, he was already on parole and picked up a charge. Well if it was 3 years concurrent that seems he ought to be released for doing his time. 35 years is a hella long time to be on parole. Do you mean he was on parole and finished, and it’s been 35 years or something like that. If he was on parole and got picked up it seems he must have broken that parole. I don’t have an answer. But all kidding aside, have you asked him? Maybe he has the answer. Peace ~ Magnum

          • Anita Edwards says:

            HiTexas Magnum, yes he was already on parole before the new charge, the 35 waa for burglary of habitat in 2001 been in and out of prison, he hasnt been ro prison since 1997 pickes up the 35 in 2001 as I stated,yes he is on parole for that got this 3rd dwi/ assault eunning concurrent haa done the 3 years, as I stated it’s non agg , he is back at the county of crime is that a good thing? He is up for parole his 4th time up, I’m so praying he makes it this time..prayers for all..

          • Anita Edwards says:

            By the way yes I’ve asked him, he said don’t look at the 35 he is just there to do the 3 years

  10. Leila says:

    Hello Dear Mr. Magnum,
    I am trying to locate my brother who was transferred on Oct 5, 2016 from Harris County jail to Garza West unit. Past 2-3 days haven’t heard from him yet. I have called Garza West million times to found out if he was given TDCJ ID number. Finally today they give me one # but I am still unable to find him with his full name and ID# on the website TDCJ. They told me if he is a new offender he’s not allowed to make a phone call nor visitation for 3 month. What should I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you and God bless all of you!

    • Texas Magnum says:

      Hey Leila, If you have his TDC number then you can write him. Include that number on the envelope. It’s true he will have to wait to make phone calls, and be set up for visits. But, I can tell you he will really appreciate a letter. Once you have his TDC number you can go to a site like JPay.com and set up an account for him and communicate with him there, like writing emails. Except he has to write back a normal letter, but they will print out your letter from JPay and give it to him. Just be patient, write to him, send some money for his commissary account if possible, and soon enough you will be hearing from him. When you send money it has to be a money order with his name and TDC # on it too. Peace ~ Magnum